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Disposable Cooking Thermometer

Specialized Manufacturer

What is the disposable cooking thermometer, the Timer?

The Timer is a single-use cooking meter which measures the precise internal temperature which assure you that your food is cooked safely and at proper temperatures, proper doneness.

Insert the Timer into the core of your product BEFORE cooking and leave the Timer until the coloured head pops up.

Adding Disposable Cooking Thermometers to your product for case ready offerings is a great way to add value to your quality meat, poultry and fish products.


Specification of Disposable Cooking Thermometers

Customized Products

Different Size
Different SizeLong and Short
So far we have Long and Short 2 different sizes, also we say Large size and Small size. It’s used for different thickness food or meat cooking.
Different Color
Different ColorSpecial Color Is OK
We have standard stem colors in WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN and LIGHT-BLUE for different pre-defined temperatures, customized is available.
Different Temp.
Different Temp.51 - 96 C Degree
Different temperature timer for different food cooking and different doneness, with accuracy within + or – 2°F. Click for Celsius vs Fahrenheit.
Different Packing
Different PackingIn Bulk and In Blister
Different packaging according to customers’ requirements, in bulk or in blister, especially we can have logo imprinting on top of the head.